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Please read first

  1. 1 - This is a freelance job - no employment/salary but we are contractors - you send invoices
  2. 2 - We cannot assist you with work permits/visa a.s.o.
  3. 3 - We would like to keep your data in our teachers-pool and contact you for jobs in your vicinity
  4. 4 - Please try to make clear what skills allow you to be good in that job

Mandatory Measles Vaccination

On March 1st 2020 a new law came into effect (Masernschutzgesetz)that forces us to check your immunity against measles (German: Masern).
We need to see a document stating that you have these two vaccinations:
Choose one of these documents and keep it ready during the job interview

  • - A blood test (titer determination) {if you already had measles you are immune now} or
  • - International certificate of vaccination (Impfpass)
  • - doctor’s statement (If there is a contraindication for that vaccination)
  • - If you have an other document issued by a government that says you already proved your status.

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